Camera comparison: Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Spider-Man tested. Spider-Man approved


Earlier this week I scotch-taped an iPhone 6 Plus to a Galaxy Note 5 and headed into Times Square to test out the cameras, head-to-head. The results are below, lined up as best I could get them. Both have excellent cameras, and though I suppose I'm tempted to give a slight edge to the iPhone, it's not an easy call. Samsung's is tuned to handle low-light a little more aggressively, while the iPhone tends to make its shutter as fast as it can while still bringing in enough light to get a usable image. In bright light, both cameras are great though, with Samsung's Note 5 tending just a little more yellow.

In all cases below, Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 is on the left, the iPhone is on the right. For those looking to get nitpicky, know that I cropped the images slightly so they'd line up better in the image sliders below — that will mean some of these are not at the same zoom level, but they're generally pretty close. Both were shot on full-auto. I used Apple's Photos app and resized them with EasyBatchPhoto. For those not looking to get nitpicky, here's the bottom line: both cameras are stupendous, fast, and could legitimately be called the best on the smartphone market (as of this writing, at least).

I was also accosted by Spider-Man, who demanded I take a selfie with him instead of simply taking his photo. No Spider-Man. Bad Spider-Man. Just because you can do whatever a spider can doesn't mean that you should.

Note: Do not harp on the blurriness of the photo here. Spider-Man was coming at me pretty fast and I flinched as I hit the shutter button on the iPhone.

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