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LG’s 10-inch G Pad II offers the improvements its 8-inch sibling didn’t

LG’s 10-inch G Pad II offers the improvements its 8-inch sibling didn’t

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Earlier this month, LG quietly unveiled the second generation of its 8-inch G Pad for the South Korean market — a rather uninspiring Android tablet with low specs that barely improved on the original 8-inch G Pad. Thankfully though, the company isn't just sticking with the basics for its Android tablets, and today announced the 10.1-inch G Pad II, which offers beefier hardware including a 1920 x 1200 display, a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, and 2GB of RAM.

The new G Pad II looks like it could be a productive little machine

Although there's nothing incredibly exciting about the device (16GB of internal memory and rear and front-facing cameras of 5 megapixels and 2 megapixels apiece don't set the pulse racing), it does at least look smart and businesslike, with a few nice software features to boot. There's an e-reader mode that reduces blue light output to supposedly stop your eyes hurting, a multitask feature for using two apps side by side, and each tablet comes preloaded with Microsoft Office for Android Tablet and 100GB of free OneDrive storage for two years. That, plus a hearty 7,400 mAh battery that LG claims is the "largest in its class" might make the 10.1-inch G Pad II a productive little machine.

The 10.1-inch LG G Pad II. (LG)

There are no details yet on pricing or exact launch dates, but we can expect to find out more about the new device at the IFA trade show in Berlin next month. We at least know that unlike its 8-inch little brother, the 10.1-inch LG G Pad II will be available in North America and Europe in both LTE and Wi-Fi variations, and LG is also promising that it hasn't raised the price compared to the original 10.1-inch G Pad. We'll have to wait until IFA to find out for sure.