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Two arrested for allegedly trying to fly a drone with porn and drugs into Maryland prison

Maryland State Police arrested two men today suspected of trying to use a drone to smuggle porn and drugs into a prison, the Associated Press reports.

The arrests — the latest in a string of similar cases — reportedly came when police found a Yuneec Typhoon drone in the suspects' possession, along with synthetic marijuana, porn DVDs, tobacco, and prescription drugs, according to the AP. (A pistol was also found, police said, although it was apparently too heavy to be carried by the drone.) The suspects were found near the states' Western Correctional Institution after a weeks-long investigation by police, who also posted a photo of the haul.

According to the AP, the secretary of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services now plans to ask for "$350,000 to $400,000" for each of the state's 27 correctional facilities — enough, he says, to build some form of anti-drone technology into the facilities.