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Highlights from Verge Hack Week 2015

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Wave goodbye to Verge Hack Week, our now-annual tradition where we blow up the site and turn the ashes into a playground for the staff.

Verge Hack Week is a chance for our editorial and product teams to merge into some indistinguishable mass of weird ideas and coding skills. It's a week where we challenge everyone to experiment outside their comfort zones, both in terms of writing and presentation, with the not-so-subtle goal being to encourage everyone to be more ambitious with their storytelling the other 51 weeks out of the year. All in all, there were over 50 Hack Week-related experiments this past week, ranging from visualizing government secrecy to making a Twitter bot that automatically generates TV recaps.

The fun isn't over, though. You can expect to see more Hack Week-inspired pieces on The Verge in the weeks and months to come. For now, though, let's look back at some of our favorites from last week. You can see all Hack Week-related pieces here.

(A big thank-you, as always, to our super talented product team — here's what they had to say about the whole ordeal.)

Bonus material from The Vergecast 167: A very special Hack Week discussion with Nilay Patel and several members of our unparalleled product team.