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Steam competitor GOG Galaxy now lets you 'rollback' troublesome game updates

Updates are meant to make games better, adding in new features and fixes to improve the experience for players. But it doesn't always work out like that; often, they instead introduce unexpected bugs or other problems that can ruin a game that previously worked just fine. If you use PC gaming service GOG Galaxy, though, that won't be a problem anymore.

The Steam competitor, which launched back in May, is introducing a new feature called "rollback," which does exactly what it sounds like: it lets you revert to a previous version of a game in case an update is causing problems. Galaxy previously made updates an optional feature, and this new addition takes things a step further. "With the newest update to GOG Galaxy, we're giving our users more control over their games and patches," explains GOG's Piotr Karwowski.

The feature is part of the first major update for the service, bringing it to version 1.1, which also includes smaller changes like a tweaked UI and improved social features. It's live today for those who are part of the Galaxy preview program, and should be available to all users "very soon."