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Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch looks really good on Instagram

Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch looks really good on Instagram

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Samsung wants everyone to remember that it has a new smartwatch coming. Over the past two weeks, Samsung has been releasing glimpses (and a fashion shoot) of the Gear S2, and today we're getting another look at it — one that's probably a lot more representative of how the watch will actually look.

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On Instagram, the studio head of Samsung Design America has shared a photo of the watch on his wrist. It looks good! Surprisingly good, actually. Which may be why Samsung keeps sharing it now. Samsung has been making big strides in design lately, and it seems pretty clear that it'll extend to smartwatch hardware and software design. The big question that remains is how well that software will work. It's a pretty safe guess that the Gear S2 is running Tizen, and that's unlikely to give it advantages over Android Wear or WatchOS. It's likely that we'll have to wait until the Watch's September 3rd unveiling to hear more of the software story.

Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive. #samsung #watch #wearable #nextlevel

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