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LawBreakers is the next game from Gears designer Cliff Bleszinski

LawBreakers is the next game from Gears designer Cliff Bleszinski

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Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has a new game and it's a free first-person shooter called LawBreakers. It's described as a "new FPS that's all about skill, not streaks," set in a futuristic world where people have near super-human abilities thanks to low-gravity zones. It's a five-on-five multiplayer PC game where law enforcement squares off against criminals, and Bleszinski says that the three main pillars of the game are "gangs, guns, and gravity." The game will have a major focus on characters, and half of the playable cast will be female.


"Gangs, guns, and gravity."

LawBreakers is the first from Bleszinski’s new studio Boss Key, which he formed after parting ways with Epic Games in 2012, the studio behind the original Gears and influential games like Unreal Tournament. While the game was only officially announced today, we’ve known that it was in the works since 2014. Last July, Nexon — which will be publishing the game — revealed that it had partnered with Bleszinski on a "free-to-play first-person shooter" that at the time was known under the working title "Project BlueStreak." "Making the move to free-to-play games is all about maximizing the potential audience for your title while embracing where the industry is headed," Bleszinski said at the time.

Nexon is primarily known for free-to-play PC games, including the long-running hit MapleStory. Earlier this year the Korean company announced that it was partnering with EA and Respawn Entertainment to create a free, PC-only spin-off of Titanfall for the Asian market.

LawBreakers is scheduled to launch some time next year. The first official gameplay trailer will be unveiled this Friday, at 9am EST.

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