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Sony's new speaker is a TV remote

Sony's new TV remote is a speaker

After light bulbs, Sony is continuing its quest to stick speakers in unexciting household objects today with the SRS-LSR100. Described on the company's website as a TV speaker that you can keep close at hand, it's basically a TV remote grafted to the top of a speaker — the idea is that you can control your TV and continue listening to shows without having to stay in front of the screen.

The speaker communicates with the TV by using a wireless dongle, and has a large volume dial on the right that can be pushed in to mute the sound. It measures 179mm x 28mm x 71mm, weighs about 440g, and has a battery life of around 16 hours. Sony suggests using it while doing housework or putting a child to sleep; now babies, too, can enjoy the relaxing sounds of shouting Japanese talk show hosts.

The SRS-LSR100 will be released on September 12th in Japan and will sell for ¥19,980 — about $167.