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Swype's new 'Star Trek' themes let you explore the final frontier of keyboards

Boldly go where no keyboard has gone before

Have you ever dreamed of tapping on Captain James T. Kirk's face while messaging your bae? Thanks to a bundle of new themes available for Swype's Android keyboard, you can do just that. The 19 new Star Trek themes, which include characters and ships from both the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, are available for purchase within Swype's theme store starting today, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $1.99 and bundles available for $2.99.

In addition to the new themes, Swype has added a new emoji keyboard that's easier to browse and find just the right emoji you're looking for. Swype also automatically predicts and suggests emoji in the suggestion bar as you type. Unfortunately, it doesn't include Star Trek emoji, so you can't send your mom a phaser set to stun when she's getting all up in your business.

Swype Star Trek themes

The update with the new emoji features and Star Trek themes is available in the Google Play Store starting today. Swype did not say when they would be coming to the iOS version of its keyboard.