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Verizon is making it easier to use unlocked iPhones and Nexus 6s on its network

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Verizon has a history of making it pretty difficult to start using an unlocked phone on its network, but that's apparently starting to change. According to 9to5Mac and FierceWireless, Verizon has confirmed that it's beginning to activate phones, tablets, and other devices that were purchased through other companies and have since been unlocked. Not all unlocked devices are eligible, but the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, and Nexus 6 are said to be supported so far. The program reportedly began this week and will add other devices as Verizon tests and approves them. Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Because of the technology and wireless frequencies that Verizon uses, devices that are designed for other carriers may not work as well when hooked up to Verizon. That's likely part of the reason that Verizon hasn't wanted people to bring outside phones to its network, but the policy made switching to Verizon's service more of an investment. Verizon now seems to be acknowledging that unlocked devices can work well enough on its network — plus, now that Verizon isn't focused on selling contracts and new phones, there's no reason not to accept any customer that's willing to come.