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Pocket now recommends stories and videos you might like

Pocket now recommends stories and videos you might like


Out of beta and into the wild

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Pocket, one of the best save-for-later reading apps out there, today announced that its "recommendations" feature, previously in beta, is now rolling out to all users on Android, iOS, and the web.

The app's focus has generally been on its pared-down, minimalist approach to saving content you've already found, but recommendations take the idea one step further. Users will now actively receive links to curated stories from around the web, with specialized recommendations related to what they've already saved. As Pocket put it in today's blog post: "Training for a half-marathon? The more you save about running, the more likely it is you’ll start seeing high-quality running content to help you get ready for your race."

The goal, according to Pocket, is to move you as quickly as possible through the internet noise to the signal — the stories you might eventually save to come back to. With so many stories already saved, the company now has a well of data to make that possible. "[W]ith Recommendations," the company says, "we want to use this insight to help you spend time with more high-quality content, no matter how noisy it gets."