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LG's new Rolly wireless keyboard turns into a pocket stick

Is that a keyboard in your pocket, or are you excited to see me?

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LG just announced the "Rolly," a Bluetooth keyboard that folds up along the four rows of keys to create a wand-like device that can be tossed in a purse or pocket. LG is hardly the first electronics company to introduce a foldable, ultra-portable wireless keyboard — or even the first to introduce a gadget called the Rolly — but it might be the first to market either as a stick for your pocket.

Unlike ultra-flexible foldable keyboards, the Rolly is made of solid plastic, which gives it a more tactile feel, LG claims; it's also supposedly more comfortable because it's just shy of the 18mm key pitch found on most desktop keyboards. Two tiny plastic arms fold out from the end of the keyboard to support a tablet or smartphone, and it can toggle between two different Bluetooth-connected devices at a time. Battery life is an expected three months on a single AAA battery.

LG hasn't divulged pricing or availability date for the Rolly yet; more info is expected at IFA in Berlin next week, and we'll let you know how it is to use in person.