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iPhone 6S will reportedly have animated wallpaper like the Apple Watch

And yes, like Android, too

9to5Mac is reporting that at least one thing separating the iPhone 6S from its predecessor will have to do with wallpaper. Similar to Apple Watch (and Android's live wallpaper feature), the next iPhone will reportedly support animated backgrounds. "For the new iPhone, we are told the types of motion wallpapers range from sets of animated fish from a koi pond to colorful arrays of smoke," wrote 9to5Mac's reliable Mark Gurman.

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In the most recent developer and public betas of iOS 9, Apple added a handful of new wallpapers that would make a perfect fit for this type of feature. A photo of the iPhone 6S Plus' packaging, leaked onto the web last night, showcase an as-yet unreleased gold koi pond fish wallpaper. This sort of thing is incredibly easy to fake, but based on its own sourcing, 9to5Mac believes the unassembled box is legitimate. Other new, rumored features for the iPhone 6S include a Force Touch display, faster performance, and (as always) an improved camera.