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Amazon is now developing a Galaxy Quest TV series

Amazon is now developing a Galaxy Quest TV series

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By Grabthar's hammer, Galaxy Quest is heading to Amazon. According to Entertainment Weekly, the new series based on the 1999 sci-fi cult classic is in development at Amazon Studios. The project is currently in its earliest stages, and a pilot hasn't yet been announced. However, the news should certainly excite fans of the original film.

A Galaxy Quest series has been in development for at least a year. Deadline reported last year that Paramount Television was working on the show. Paramount is reportedly partnering with Amazon in the project going forward. While it's currently unclear if the stars of the movie will reprise their roles in the series, director Dean Parisot, writer Robert Gordon, and producer Mark Johnson are all attached for the new effort.

A beloved parody of Trekkie fandom

For those unfamiliar with the movie, Galaxy Quest was a satire of Star Trek's cheesy sci-fi tropes and the fan culture that surrounded the series. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tim Allen (who is bad) as William Shatner-alike Commander Taggart, the movie is a beloved parody of Trekkie fandom. If the project does get a series order, it will join other upcoming shows rebooting older movies, like Minority Report and Limitless.