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Evernote Food is shutting down, and that's terrible

Evernote Food is shutting down, and that's terrible

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The only reason I used Evernote is going away on September 30th, when the company shuts down recipe app Evernote Food. Launched in 2011, the iOS (and later Android) app was a food-focused complement to Evernote's main note-clipping service. It was billed as a combination of scrapbook, cookbook, and Instagram feed, with some bells and whistles that ranged from redundant to forgettable. But beneath that, it gave structure to the one thing I'd actually done with Evernote up until that point: clip recipes from websites and save them to cook later.

Evernote Food probably wasn't the single best recipe management tool, but unlike other dedicated cooking apps, it was built on the agnostic and flexible Evernote base service, and it let you search a selection of surprisingly good recipe blogs straight from the app. I'd guess over half the meals I've cooked in the past year were originally found through Evernote Food. If you're like me, you'll have a little over a month to make sure everything is synced before you have to go back to flipping through the "recipe" tag on your vanilla Evernote app, between periodic nagging about upgrading your account.

Why is Evernote Food going away? We more or less knew the decision was coming last year, when the company decided to head in a more workplace-oriented direction. Then-CEO Phil Libin positioned Evernote as a Microsoft Office killer, saying that he was killing off new consumer-focused projects and would stop investing in old ones like Food. Meanwhile, I'll be taking suggestions for a new digital recipe box, in addition to the apps Evernote already suggests.

Correction: Phil Libin is the former CEO of Evernote.