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Razer's new $150 Xbox controller is built for e-sports

Microsoft isn't the only one making an expensive new Xbox One controller aimed at hardcore gamers. Today Razer announced its Wildcat controller, which it describes as "a pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade, console controller." It was built specifically with e-sports in mind, and Razer even consulted with pro gamers during the design process.

It's 20 percent lighter than comparable controllers, according to the company, but more importantly offers a customizable experience and additional functionality. In addition to the standard Xbox button set-up, the Wildcat also features two removable triggers at the back, optional trigger stops, and a four-button control panel for managing things like volume; Razer says that you can re-bind any button on the controller depending on your needs.

Razer Wildcat

The Wildcat is also made of materials like aircraft-grade aluminum (for the triggers) and reinforced high carbon steel (for the analog sticks) just in case you're especially rough on your controller, and it comes in a garish shade of Xbox green that should fit nicely with your other accessories.

All that comes at a price, however — the Wildcat will cost the same $149.99 as Microsoft's own Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. You can grab one for yourself in October.