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Xbox boss dismisses rumors of an Xbox One Mini

Earlier this month, it was rumored that in addition to revealing new tablets, fitness bands, and smartphones, Microsoft would use its upcoming October launch event to show off a slimmer Xbox One. But Phil Spencer, Microsoft's head of Xbox, shot those rumors down last night, using Twitter to say that the rumored smaller version of the console is "not real."

Sources familiar with Microsoft's October plans told The Verge last week that the company is planning to use the event to lift the lid on two new Lumia handsets, the Surface Pro 4, and a Microsoft Band 2. Chinese tech site WPDang had claimed that the so-called Xbox One Mini would drop the ability to play Blu-rays, and would be both quieter and smaller than the current model, weighing in at about a third the size. Spencer's unequivocal comment makes it appear that not only will the console not see the light of day in October, but that Microsoft is not currently in the process of making a miniature version of its jumbo-sized home console.