New trailers: Star Wars, The Martian, Ash vs Evil Dead, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for

Maybe it's because we're moving out of summer movie season, but this was actually a kind-of sort-of slowish week for trailers! That said, a few big upcoming titles made a lot of noise without showing very much — like, yes, Star Wars — and a number of films that are a bit more under the radar had room to do their thing the rest of the week. Also, there's a fashion film with David Beckham. So that's cool. Check all of this week's best out below.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

SPOILER ALERT. But seriously, this is epic.

The Martian

If you couldn't get enough of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos, this promo for The Martian should definitely be of interest. The entire clip has Tyson doing a fake science show where he explains what's involved in a trip to Mars and a little bit about The Martian's fictional history. Here's looking forward to the real version of this, whenever that comes. The movie arrives on October 2nd.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell may be a lot older, but he's still having just as much fun. Ash vs Evil Dead looks like a glorious, indulgent return to the B-movie horror that The Evil Dead started way back in 1981. He'll be back in action beginning October 31st. The series airs on Starz.

Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends is like American Psycho meets Britpop. If you're into one or both of those things, it looks like this movie should be a lot of fun. (This first trailer contains very brief nudity.) It's out in the UK on November 6th.

Rock the Kasbah

Do you want to see Bill Murray messing around for a couple hours in movie Afghanistan with a bunch of other wonderful stars in a film that is almost certain to have cultural problems but may well woo you with all of its energy? Then check out the trailer for Rock the Kasbah, which pretty much fits the bill. It's out October 23rd.

All Things Must Pass

Get nostalgic, music fans. All Things Must Pass is director Colin Hanks' look back at Tower Records, from its heyday as a musical epicenter to its eventual closure. This documentary seems to be far more about what Tower Records was than what became of it — after all, it's not really a secret why a record store would go out business. The documentary comes out October 16th.


Youth is all about Michael Caine playing an old dude, which is basically wonderful. Plus, Rachel Weisz, Harvey Keitel, Paul Dano, and Jane Fonda are in it. The trailer turns super emotional, but the film seems like a good excuse to just let these people do some great acting. It played at Cannes this spring and should be out later this year.


Okay, bear with me for a minute because this is awesome: David Beckham has a clothing line with the fashion brand Belstaff. Belstaff has now enlisted Beckham, Katherine Waterston, and Harvey Keitel to make a fashion film. It's called Outlaws, and it's apparently about a circus and a handsome dude on a motorcycle. It's also very nice to look at. It sounds like the full thing will be out September 22nd.