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AMC is putting zombies on a plane in a new Walking Dead special

There's never really a good place to run into a bunch of zombies, but on a plane might be the worst. That's the premise of a new stand-alone Walking Dead special, which will follow a group of people who suddenly have to deal with a bunch of zombies interrupting their flight. No word yet on whether it will have a catchphrase.

The half-hour episode will take place in the same time period as Fear the Walking DeadEntertainment Weekly reports. The episode is also something of a teaser, because one surviving character from the airplane special will appear again on the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. It seems likely only one character will survive the episode.

The AMC special will first debut online, and then will be released in a series of chapters that will air during the sixth season of The Walking Dead, out this fall. The special has no set premiere date yet.