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Uber hires hackers who remotely hijacked a Jeep

Uber hires hackers who remotely hijacked a Jeep


Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have a new gig

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Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek caused a stir last month when they found a way to remotely hijack Chrysler vehicles, using a Jeep Cherokee in an impressive, frightening demonstration. Now it looks like they'll be moving on to Uber, as Reuters reported today that the duo have accepted new positions at the company's Advanced Technology Center. Miller has since confirmed the move on Twitter:

Miller previously worked as a security researcher at Twitter, and prior to that was known for his work hacking Apple devices. Valasek was director of vehicle security research at security firm IOActive, which he recently announced he was leaving. Even before the Jeep hack, the two researchers had become infamous in security circles for their work hacking cars.

The news comes as Uber is reportedly expanding its work on self-driving cars. This week, the company announced it was partnering with the University of Arizona to research the technology.