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AT&T announces first DirecTV deals just weeks after takeover approval

AT&T announces first DirecTV deals just weeks after takeover approval

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The FCC approved AT&T's $48.5 billion takeover of DirecTV just under two weeks ago, and we're already seeing the first results — new bundles that the carrier describes as the "first-ever nationwide package of TV and wireless services." DirecTV packages range from $50 to $125 a month, and AT&T is offering a $10 discount when combined with wireless subscription. For example, the company's $160 plan with 10GB of shareable data and four phone lines would run you $200 if you added the $50 DirecTV Select option.

Continuing the two companies' history of offering TV and internet bundles, you can also add AT&T broadband service to any package from $30-50 a month depending on speed. Existing DirecTV customers may want to take advantage of the company's new ownership, too; AT&T is offering a $300 credit to those who switch from another carrier and trade in their phone for a new one on AT&T Next.

AT&T is now the largest pay TV operator in the world, which could help make it more attractive to prospective wireless subscribers. The most compelling part of its newly acquired content offering is NFL Sunday Ticket, which includes live coverage of all out-of-market NFL games across TV, PC, and mobile devices — this can be added to any DirecTV subscription and is also included in the tiers from $70 and above. AT&T is hoping that the ability to combine internet, mobile, and TV subscriptions on a single bill will set it apart from competitors, and it's wasting no time in taking advantage of its new acquisition.