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Surfing on a dirt bike, because everything else is too easy

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From Flyboards to Hoverboards, there are some crazy water rideables out there at the moment, but they pale in comparison to this wave-riding dirt bike built for DC Shoes and piloted by Australian stunt rider Robbie Maddison. Maddison, whose previous work includes filling in for James Bond during a chase sequence in Skyfall, took the modified bike out onto the waves of Tahiti to film the four-minute sequence below. The end result is frankly stunning, with the bike appearing to tear across the water as easily as a two-wheeled jet ski (although we're sure there were plenty of crashes that didn't make the final cut).

We don't know much more about what went into the project, but DC Shoes is promising to release a behind-the-scenes film at some point in the future. Right now, we have to make do with the gorgeous pictures below and a teaser trailer, which contains a lot of shots of Maddison sinking slowly into the water. If riding a dirt bike on water is anything like riding a snowmobile (an activity known as water skipping or snowmobile watercross), then the most important factor is forward momentum: stop or slow down and you're dead in the water. But who cares about going slow when there are waves to ride?

All images credited to DC Shoes


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