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The first ad for the new Moto G involves camels and Tinder

The thirst is real

The first commercial for Motorola's brand new Moto G is here, and it does a good enough job of pulling off a laugh while showing off the desirability of Moto's new device. Here we see your average, lacrosse-loving party bro trekking across some unnamed desert. Parched and alone, he needs some inspiration, so he turns to his Moto G for support. When he finds it, the moment makes for a solid punchline, giving new meaning to the phrase "The thirst is real."

Does our hero look a bit like a pickup artist, and therefore like a complete buffoon? Absolutely. Is the use of "Ignition (Remix)" by known deviant R. Kelly just a little disconcerting? Of course. Is that just a really sad clone of Tinder? You bet. But all of it combines to a facepalm and a chuckle that can't be denied. The Moto G promises to be a great phone — matter what unfortunate character uses it. And given the phone's broad appeal, that's not a bad thing. Well played, Motorola. Well played.