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The new Apple TV will reportedly cost between $149 and $199

The new Apple TV will reportedly cost between $149 and $199

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We're expecting to see a new Apple TV at the company's event on September 9th, and it looks like the device will have a bump in price to accompany its list of rumored new features. 9to5Mac reports that the next-generation Apple TV will cost between $149 and $199 — a sizable jump from its current price of $69, and the first time the device will cost more than $100 in five years. If that price range is what we'll see next Wednesday, it would make an even bigger gap between Apple's streaming box and cheap competitors offering streaming sticks. But Apple still reportedly plans to keep a cheaper model around for a while; 9to5Mac says it will continue to sell the $69 third-gen Apple TV as an entry level model.

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9to5Mac also reports that Apple plans to deploy its internet TV service to both the new Apple TV and its cheaper sibling sometime next year. It's just not clear when that rumored service will be ready; Apple has reportedly had trouble getting deals together with several major broadcasters.

There are lots of rumors about feature improvements to the Apple TV that could account for a premium new price. The device could have a motion-sensitive remote control that acts like the Wii Remote, which would make the new streaming set top box friendlier for gaming. It's also rumored that Apple's latest TV box could come with App Store support and Siri — which would make a lot of sense considering Apple's latest event invitation. The answers aren't far away, so be sure to join us next week when we're sure to find out what Apple has been working on.