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Taylor Swift hangs out with a giraffe in the video for Wildest Dreams

The music video for Taylor Swift's fifth single from 1989, "Wildest Dreams," premiered in the pre-show for MTV's Video Music Awards. Swift and her love interest appear to be the leads in a 1940's movie set in an African savannah. As for the song itself, the Lana Del Rey comparisons have been streaming in since 1989's release, but as a video "Wildest Dreams" is a literal translation of what would happen if Lana cast Taylor in an Ernest Hemingway short story — complete with lions, elephants, and tumblers of whiskey, as well as flowing silk, cat eye liner, and lush landscapes.

wildest dreams

Swift looks right at home in Lana's signature aesthetic, staring wistfully off of the top of a waterfall in your grandma's white "bathing costume." I'd also say she looks at home in that curly black wig, a great look for her, potential shade notwithstanding.