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Uber is offering Mad Max rides in Seattle

Uber is offering Mad Max rides in Seattle

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For all its corporate skullduggery and obnoxious, rules-don't-apply-to-me swagger, it's hard to deny that Uber has some clever promotions at times. In a partnership with Warner Bros, the company is offering limited edition rides straight from the post-apocalypse to celebrate the September 1st release of the Mad Max video game. (Which, by the way, promises to be surprisingly excellent.) The cars are available for a limited time in Seattle only, but at least the rides are free because "dollars are worthless in the wasteland."


A selection of Uber's cars and riders. (Uber)

Between August 28th and August 31st, from 10AM to 6PM local time, Uber users are able to call up their very own warboy for a trip anywhere in the city's downtown area. The cars themselves may not be up to Mad Max's insanely spiky standards (although congratulations to whichever driver above thought that baby blue was an appropriate color for the post-apocalypse), but they've definitely been entertaining attendees at the ongoing PAX gaming convention:

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