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The new Xbox One bundle comes with a 1TB hybrid drive and the Elite controller

Microsoft's new Xbox One is getting an elite upgrade this fall. The company's new Elite Bundle features both the beautiful Elite controller announced at this year's E3 and a 1TB hybrid drive. The console will debut at GameStops and Microsoft Stores this November for $499.

The new One isn't the first to boast 1TB of storage — Microsoft officially announced a new iteration with a terabyte of storage at E3 — but this is the console's first hybrid drive with that much space. Microsoft says that players will be able to boot up from energy-saving mode 20 percent faster with the new drive. The Elite Controller, however, is definitely the draw for this bundle, since it adds new features like Hair Trigger Locks and stainless steel paddles in its design. It sells for a steep $149.99 separately, though, so getting it bundled in for about $50 less is an added bonus.

Adding to all of this, Microsoft also announced a stunning new Lunar White Wireless Controller GameStop that will hit GameStops in September.

Xbox Lunar White Controller

Those waiting to pick up Halo 5: Guardians this holiday season have every reason to preorder these as soon as they can.