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Sling TV now available on Amazon's Fire HDX and HD tablets

Sling TV can now be streamed with Amazon's current-generation Fire HDX and HD tablets. The internet TV service is available as a free download from Amazon's Appstore, and new subscribers can start with a 14-day trial before committing to Sling's $20-per-month subscription. Sling TV already works on Amazon's Fire TV streaming products as well as Android and iOS at large, plus a slew of set-top boxes and desktop PCs.

Support across platforms is no problem, and Dish doesn't have to worry about ESPN walking away from its service in the near future. If there's one downside with Sling TV right now, it's that the product's user interface and general layout haven't changed or improved much since launching at the start of this year. Aside from AMC and HBO (which costs extra), Sling also hasn't made much headway in adding other popular cable channels like USA or Comedy Central to its lineup. And lastly, stream reliability has been an issue at various times in recent months. Thankfully Sling has some time to work on things without facing direct competition from Apple; Apple's long-rumored internet TV service isn't expected to roll out until sometime in 2016. The full list of Amazon tablets that can stream Sling TV starting today includes the Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HDX 7, Fire HD 7, and Fire HD 6.