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Final Fantasy XV's driving looks wonderfully ridiculous

Final Fantasy XV's driving looks wonderfully ridiculous

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We know a few things about Final Fantasy XV, the upcoming, and much-anticipated new release in the RPG series. We know it will have an emotional, and possibly nonsensical story. We know that it stars what appears to be a four piece Japanese boy band. And thanks to the latest trailer, we also know that the open-world game will have some surprisingly in-depth driving gameplay.

You'll have the option to either drive yourself or let a digital chauffeur handle things for you. And there are four different camera modes: you can watch events from a first-person perspective; there's a "joyride view" that lets you watch the boys interact, while their mullets flap in the breeze; there's a more zoomed out "tail view"; and a scenic view where you can "stimulate your spirit of adventure and take in great views while you cruise." It all sounds a bit ridiculous for a series traditionally about hitting monsters with swords, but then again Final Fantasy games are usually best when they're weird.

FFXV still doesn't have a specific release date, but Square Enix promises that it will be launching on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016.