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Crackdown 3 trailer promises 100 percent destructible environments

Crackdown 3 trailer promises 100 percent destructible environments


It will rely on cloud computing 20 times more powerful than Xbox One

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Crackdown 3 gameplay (above) was shown for the first time at Gamescom 2015. The footage features a handful of additions, like transforming vehicles and mechsuits, but details remain sparse.

Released in 2007 by Realtime Worlds, Crackdown was one of the first open-world games to give the player superhero-like powers. It owed much of its initial success to a popular demo promotion available on the Xbox digital storefront and the inclusion of a download code with every copy of the full game that unlocked a Halo 3 multiplayer demo. But the game's satirical tone and addictive exploration hooks earned it a cult following. A sequel was released three years later by Ruffian Games to mixed reviews.

The latest Crackdown was announced at E3 2014 with an animated trailer. Xbox head Phil Spencer also mentioned that a cloud-powered demo was an early prototype for the project.

Like the original, Crackdown 3 will allow players to target the various bosses throughout its open-world city in the order they see fit. Unlike the original, Crackdown 3 will — according to the promotional trailer — feature 100 percent destruction, using the Xbox One's cloud computing solution. The trailer claims the service provides 20 times more power than Microsoft's current console.