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iStock introduces Dropbox integration for on-the-go photo editors


Getty Images' stock photo and illustration service iStock is introducing a new feature that gives customers the option of automatically syncing purchases to a Dropbox account. iStock says this means users no longer have to download licensed assets one by one, and can easily access any content they've bought across multiple devices. The company is also planning to introduce Dropbox syncing from lightboxes and retroactive syncing for already-purchased content some time in the near future.

How the new Dropbox syncing option appears in iStock's interface. (iStock)

Overall, it's a neat little upgrade for iStock users, but might be of less use to professional photo editors who generally have an established workflow when it comes to downloading and sorting assets. Without other stock services offering similar integration, it's unlikely to have an overnight impact on how these people get their work done. However, any iStock subscribers who are interested will get a free, three-month trial of Dropbox Pro to test the feature out.