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Microsoft caught using Windows user's bandwidth to seed Windows 10


II knew something was fishy when my internet connection was far slower than normal. This has been happening over a few days, after contacting my ISP they did some digging and found that my uploads were far higher than normal. I checked my devices one by one and found the culprit was my windows box. Hogging bandwidth and causing huge slowdown. And this is on a fiber connection!

Later I found out that this was because MS has decided to automatically opt in ALL windows users into distributing windows 10 to other users! Absolutely disgusting! And to make things worse the off switch is buried in 5 menus! Is this some kind of joke?! Does MS think they can get away with this just because they made 10 a free update? I am furious at having my connection used as a part of ms' zombie network.

What do you all think? What planet is Ms on?!

Source and how to switch it off: