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Someone strapped an Apple Watch to this $100,000 watch because rich people

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NIco Gerard

The world of luxury watches is full of stunning tributes to human avarice, but a new range of timepieces from American company Nico Gerard still manages, somehow, to stand out. The California-based firm is selling Swiss-made watches that integrate an Apple Watch into their wristbands. That's right, the idea is to wear two watches at the same time: a traditional timepiece on top of your wrist, and an Apple Watch on the bottom.

The 18-carat Sunrise Pinnacle costs $112,000

There are three variations available: the $9,300 Pinnacle, the $9,500 Skyview Pinnacle, and the $112,000 Sunrise Pinnacle, which is made out of 18-karat gold. Nico Gerard says that each watch uses a Swiss-made NG2824A movement certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) and has water resistance of up to 100 meters (in watch speak this means you can submerse it, but not that it's a diving watch). And, yes, these prices do include the cost of the Apple Watch itself, just in case customers were worried they were getting ripped off.

Nico Gerard's Papillon clasp. (Nico Gerard)

Speaking to The Verge, Nico Gerard president Adam Pluemer said that the project was deadly serious, and made the argument that the inside of the wrist was a natural place for the Apple Watch: easy to glance at and discreet to boot. "As an example, if you’re an executive you do not want someone reading your text messages across the table at a board meeting," said Pluemer.

He added that the Apple Watch's sapphire crystal face stops the device from getting scratched, and explained that the long wait-time for the timepieces on Nico Gerard's site (10 to 12 months for the Pinnacle), was due to the custom nature of the components. "We've been developing this watch for the last nine months," said Pluemer. "They're being assembled in Switzerland." He said that the company had already received multiple reservations (which themselves cost between $200 and $500), but that he couldn't give any specific figures at this time.

"The tranquil morning dew is cool and the fresh air is still."

And if you think the watches themselves are bombastic, wait until you read the advertising copy. Here's how Nico Gerard is describing the $112,000 Sunrise Pinnacle (try reading it in the voice of Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen for maximum effect): "The tranquil morning dew is cool and the fresh air is still. The dawn of a new day glows red with promise. You feel the warmth of the sun’s rays wrap around you as the sun crests the horizon... The Nico Gerard Sunrise Pinnacle is limited to 88 timepieces."

Update August 4th, 12:30PM ET: Updated to clarify the Pinnacle's water resistance capabilities.

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