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Xbox One will get a TV DVR feature next year

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Microsoft has killed off Windows Media Center as part of Windows 10, but the company is keeping one of its key features for the Xbox One. The games console will get a TV DVR feature in a future update to enable full DVR functionality. You can schedule recordings on the go, and stream games to any Windows 10 PC. Microsoft is even allowing Windows 10 PCs to download shows to play them on the go. Given the rumors, it's not surprising to see this feature be made available, but the extension to Windows 10 will make it a lot more useful.

Microsoft announced the new feature on stage at Gamescom today, but the company is limiting it to only free-to-air TV. While the Xbox One can control and view content from cable boxes using a HDMI-in port, Microsoft has released digital TV tuners in Europe and the US to support free-to-air television. Mike Ybarra, head of platform engineering at Xbox, only mentioned recording free-to-air TV on stage, and Microsoft's blog post reveals this is for free-to-air only. Microsoft is planning to enable the Xbox One TV DVR feature in 2016.