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Genius finally launches an Android app, redesigns its website and iOS app

Genius finally launches an Android app, redesigns its website and iOS app

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Genius, the company that began as a ramshackle collection of hip-hop lyrics and has since evolved into a "pocket guide to human culture," finally has an official Android app, more than a year after the launch of its iPhone app. The app gives users access to Genius' massive trove of annotated lyrics, books, and other texts.

Android users can't edit annotations yet

Genius launched an app for iOS back in January of 2014 when the company was still going by the name Rap Genius, but an Android app has been slow to follow. In 2013, Rap Genius got into a spat with Google when Google started burying the site in search results as punishment for its spammy SEO techniques. A few months later, Rap Genius said the issues had been resolved, and Android users continued to wait for an app.

The new app lets users search for and upvote or downvote annotations. Unlike the iOS app, the Android one doesn't yet allow users to create or edit annotations, but Genius says that functionality is on the way, Venture Beat reports.

And Genius hasn't forgotten about its iOS app and website, both of which got a redesign today. The homepage is cleaner, boxier, and significantly more yellow, which looks better than it sounds:


Genius Android developer Lisa Wray told Venture Beat more updates to the new app are coming, and fast. Hopefully that means we won't have to do too much more waiting.