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Stonewall trailer shows Roland Emmerich’s take on the start of the gay rights movement

After the Supreme Court's vindicating decision this June, 2015 couldn't be more fitting of a year for Stonewall. The riots at New York City's Stonewall Inn are often cited as the beginning of the gay rights movement, and the movie Stonewall intends to take viewers back to 1969 to see its start. The film focuses on a fictional kid who's kicked out of his parents' house for being gay — a horribly common story even today — and follows him and a group of others in the gay community that makes up the Stonewall Inn as they experience police harassment and move toward the eventual riots.

Stonewall comes, surprisingly, from director Roland Emmerich, who's known for making cartoonishly large films like Independence Day and 2012. The events of Stonewall are a huge tale on their own, and it'll be interesting to see how Emmerich's tendency toward the grandiose is translated to a series of real and historic events. It opens in theaters on September 25th.