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This human torch drone might be better than the actual Fantastic Four movie

It may just be a bit of viral marketing for the Fantastic Four movie, but this human torch drone is undeniably impressive. In fact, judging by some of the reviews for the rebooted Marvel flick, it might be better to just watch this minute-and-a-half clip instead. According to a report from Adweek, the flaming drone is the creation of "viral video agency" Thinkmodo, which has previously piloted non-flaming human-shaped drones around New York City.

The film was shot at Nassau County's Fire Service Academy with 10 firefighters on hand in case things got nasty, although we don't know if the agency went through more than one flaming drone to create the film. "It took a lot of testing because we had to find the right material to do it with," Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka told Adweek. "A special pyro technician had to figure out how to coat the aircraft so it burns in a way that the human shape reads well (instead of it looking like a big flaming ball)."