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This might be the first good Attack on Titan game

This might be the first good Attack on Titan game

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The premise of Attack on Titan sounds like ideal fodder for a video game: sword-wielding humans zip around cities trying to take down towering creatures that love to eat people. The most recent title left much to be desired, but there may finally be a good Attack on Titan game on the way. At Gamescom 2015, Koei Tecmo announced that it will be publishing an Attack on Titan game set to launch on the PS3, PS4, and Vita, and it sounds very promising.

We don't have much to go on other than a brief teaser trailer, but there's reason to be excited: the game is being developed by Omega Force, the same studio behind the Dynasty Warriors series. The Dynasty Warriors games are all about powerful soldiers taking on seemingly endless waves of enemies, which is basically the reverse of Attack on Titan's premise where huge monsters fight waves of humans. Omega Force has also shown that it can adapt the formula to licensed properties through games like Hyrule Warriors (which is coming to the 3DS soon) and the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes, so there's reason to believe that this new title could be the dumb-but-fun Attack on Titan game fans have been waiting for.

It'll be some time before we find out, though — the game isn't scheduled to launch until 2016.