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Tinder helped Forbes make an app that only elite young ‘game changers’ can use

Are you a game changing entrepreneur looking to network with other game changing entrepreneurs but aren't able to call them because you only know how to use apps? If so, then Forbes has an app just for you. Literally just for you — it's releasing a business networking app that's only open to the 2,000 or so people who the magazine has identified in its 30 Under 30 lists as "game changers" in subjects like tech, venture capital, science, and media. The app will allow this highly exclusive group, which you, the reader, are statistically likely not to be a part of, to message one another, post updates, and read through a social feed of what everyone else has been doing. It will also include content.

The app's broader goal is to help these people start talking to each other, which is where its most interesting feature comes in. Forbes partnered with Tinder to create a "speed business networking feature," which will presumably involve swiping right on people you want to network with and swiping left on people who can't help advance your career. It's not clear how much of Tinder's tech is inside of Forbes' Under 30 app, but the fact that the partnership exists at all is interesting: this is the first time that Tinder has put its technology inside of a third-party app. Tinder started to monetize its app earlier this year, and licensing the tech behind it may be the next step. Forbes will release the Under 30 app in early October.