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Apple avoids group lawsuit over vanishing iMessages

Apple avoids group lawsuit over vanishing iMessages


The lawsuit targeted iMessage issues many users have after switching away from an iPhone

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Apple has managed to avoid a potentially costly lawsuit, winning a ruling that keeps a case targeting its iMessage practices out of court, according to Bloomberg. Plaintiff Adrienne Moore filed a complaint in San Jose, California, claiming iMessage kept texts sent to her from other iPhone users and wouldn't send them along to her new Samsung phone after she switched to Android from an iPhone 4.

it's always been a pain to move away from iMessage

Moore argued that iMessage was flawed and that "Apple's actions prevented the subscribers from receiving all of their text messages." While US District Judge Lucy H. Koh noted that while the case may have some merit, it could not proceed as a group lawsuit, because there is not enough evidence that iMessage inconvenienced all members of the lawsuit, and the case was based on contractual interference laws.

Koh wrote that even if iMessage interrupted text messages, "that determination does not assist the court in determining whether iMessage actually caused the proposed class members to suffer any interference."

There is no doubt Apple's iMessage has caused a number of SMS issues when people leave iOS. The company even released a tool late last year to help people deregister from iMessage when they switch to a new platform. For a company that has spent a lot of time in the courts over the last year, it appears Apple has dodged a bullet.