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Facebook wants your complaints about businesses

Twitter has long made it easy for companies to talk to their customers, and Facebook wants in on that action. The company announced a number of new features today that businesses can use to make Facebook a hub for customer service.

fb pages messenger

At its F8 conference earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would allow customers to message businesses directly through Facebook Messenger. The company is now making that process even easier, by putting a "Send Message" button directly into the ads that appear on your News Feed. Clicking on the button will open up a messenger window, allowing customers to privately message businesses directly.

Businesses can now also deal with disgruntled customers via a personal chat, instead of on their main Page where other customers could see it. Page admins can open up a new window, which will include a link to the customer's comment for reference, and deal with the complaint in private. Once the business responds, the customer's original comment will display a note indicating that it was dealt with.

fb pages messenger

And just in case businesses need a further incentives to use these tools, Facebook has a sort of reward system in mind. Pages that respond to 90 percent of messages and have an average response time that's under five minutes will get a badge proclaiming them to be "very responsive." Business owners can also create their own FAQs by saving responses to common questions.

Facebook is continuing its march toward becoming the only website on the web, and these latest features provide a complete consumer experience, allowing users to buy things and then complain about them all in the same convenient space.