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Verge ESP: health, HEALTH, and space whiskey

Verge ESP: health, HEALTH, and space whiskey


Corn is delicious and good for you

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We are sans guest this week, which means even more time to run through the myriad weird things going down in our respective necks of the woods. Which, for much of the past couple weeks, have both been the beautiful, thirsty state of California. Emily wants to know what makes the Golden State appear so brilliantly, unsettlingly colorful when you're flying into SFO (or, in other words, what makes it look so True Detective-y).

Once that mystery has been solved, it's time to talk about Health — both the LA noise band whose new album Death Magic comes out this week, and the concerns of opponents to the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act. Surprise: GMOs won't hurt you! Neither will that sweet, delicious, genetic summer freak corn! (Headbanging, on the other hand, might.) Speaking of scientific wonders you can ingest, we also talk a little bit about the Suntory space whiskey project and how much we want some space whiskey.

Finally, we talk about Oculus Story Studio, the VR company's narrative film arm, and the various attempts to translate the art of the non-interactive motion picture to 360 degrees. What makes a movie engaging — Story? Characters? Three-dimensional space? It's a whole new art form, and the rules are being figured out as we speak.

Bonus content: this perfect Suntory commercial starring Keanu Reeves.

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