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Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself as a homeless person to launch his Monster headphones

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ROC Live Life Loud / Monster

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to sell you his headphones. The soccer superstar has partnered with consumer electronics company Monster to launch ROC Live Life Loud: a new company and brand offering an "exclusive lifestyle electronics collection curated by Ronaldo." These include headphones (either on-ear, in-ear, or over-ear) and a floating Bluetooth speaker. Buying into Ronaldo's brand doesn't come cheap though, with prices starting at $169.95 for the wireless in-ear headphones and going all the way up to $299.95 for the over-ear version.

The $299.95 over-ear ROC earphones. (ROC Live Life Loud / Monster)

For Monster, the partnership seems designed to replicate the company's success with the Beats by Dre line it helped produce — a range of headphones that eventually morphed into Beats, purchased by Apple in May last year for $3 billion. The company's success was helped by endorsements from celebrities, and although Ronaldo might not exactly be a household name in the US, he's a megastar abroad. In fact, by some accounts he's the world's most popular athlete, with 37 million followers on Twitter and 105 million on Facebook (making him the most liked celebrity on the social network). However, it seems he's still capable of going completely unnoticed, with a viral video made to promote the new brand showing him disguised as a homeless person: