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Flipboard's 2016 election hub will put all your Donald Trump news in one place


The first televised debate for the Republican presidential nomination airs this evening, and more than ever before, voters will be turning to their cell phones to work out, well, which candidate is which for a start. Newsreading app Flipboard is looking to answer this question (and more) with a new hub dedicated to next year's election. 2016 Election Central will aggregate news, opinion, and analysis from different publications across the political spectrum, splitting content into five categories: The Issues, The Candidates, The Politics, Top Stories, and Flipboard’s Political Rundown (a selection of the 10 best stories each week).

"information is still spread across websites and social networks."

"Mobile devices are how millions of people keep up with the news every day," said Flipboard news editor Gabriella Schwarz in a press release. "But information is still spread across websites and social networks, and it’s hard to get the full picture or different points of view." Other publications and apps will be looking to cater to the same need of course, but it'll be interesting to see how popular Flipboard's endeavor proves with its 70 million active users. The 2016 Election Central hub is available on both mobile and desktop devices under the app's "Explore" tab.