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Microsoft Translator is a must-have app for your smartwatch

Smartwatch apps haven't really blown us away so far, but Microsoft has just delivered one that's certain to be incredibly useful, even if it's not earth-shattering. Today the company launched Microsoft Translator for iOS and Android, with both versions also including apps for their respective smartwatch platforms. So if you've got an Apple Watch or, say, a Moto 360, you'll be able to get instant translations in 50 languages without ever having to pull out your smartphone. This could be hugely valuable if you're traveling somewhere unfamiliar or taking a getaway vacation.

On the phone, Translator has a super simple layout — by design — so that it's easy to just show someone your screen and give them a sense of what you're looking for or trying to say. Everything is synchronized, with the smartwatch app keeping track of recent translations and letting you bookmark or "pin" common sayings for quicker access. Translator is a free download on both Android and iOS.