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Where's Palmer?

Where's Palmer?


The surprising joy of transparent PNGs

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Today the cover of Time Magazine is graced by Oculus founder and sandal-wearing wunderkind Palmer Luckey, for a feature story entitled "The Surprising Joy of Virtual Reality and How it's Going To Change the World." And to demonstrate the limitless, future-melting power of the Oculus, they had him wear one of his company's headsets. On a beach. Barefoot. Dancing?

Palmer Luckey Time Magazine

An ecstatic half-squat? A torsal thrust?

How can we describe Luckey's stance in this photo? An ecstatic half-squat? A torsal thrust? To be fair to Luckey, nobody looks cool in an Oculus, especially not in a seafoam polo. But unfortunately, this image does less to sell the dream of teleporting to the white sands of Hawaii and more to raise incredible suspicion about life in headgear.

But maybe they just got the location wrong. Maybe Luckey would look better in a setting more suited to his dancerly pose. Fortunately, there's a transparent PNG for that.

Palmer Luckey Time PNG

And now, some art.

Pizza Luckey

Luckey In Space (T.C. Sottek)

Where's Palmer? In Hell

Where's Palmer?: Hell Edition (Emily Yoshida)

Don't Wake Luckey

Don't Wake Luckey (Chris Plante)

Walk Into the Club Like

Walk Into The Club Like (Casey Newton)

Palmer Zuckerberg
Palmer Zuckerberg
Palmer Zuckerberg

*Inception Noise* (T.C. Sottek)