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Watch the first trailer for HBO's Scorsese / Jagger rock drama Vinyl

Cigarettes, champagne, classic rock, and Cannavale

Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger's music drama Vinyl has been inching its way toward screens for years, and you can finally watch its first teaser trailer. HBO announced it was picking up the series last December, but Scorsese, Jagger, and Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter have been working on its pilot since at least 2011.

The series focuses on the life and times of fictional label American Century Records and its founder, debaucherous kingpin Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale). The clip is framed by Cannavale's gruff narration, and its most memorable shots feature him ingesting various drugs (of varying legality) with panache. There isn't much plot to be had, but there are scenes that would fit into any '70s rock documentary worth its weight in LPs: chaos in the streets, a glammy club show, execs popping bottles in the office. Vinyl is set to premiere sometime next year.