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Prince will release his next album exclusively on Tidal

Prince will release his next album exclusively on Tidal


HITNRUN will be released on September 7th

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Prince is coming back with a new album, but if you want to hear it, you'll need to be a Tidal subscriber. The artist has agreed to release his next album HITNRUN with his band 3RDEYEGIRL exclusively on the streaming service on September 7th.

"After one meeting, it was obvious that Jay Z and the team he has assembled at Tidal recognize and applaud the effort that real musicians put into their craft to achieve the very best they can at this pivotal time in the music industry," Prince said in a statement. "Secondly, Tidal has honored us with a non-restrictive arrangement that once again allows us to continue making art in the fashion we've grown accustomed to, and we're extremely grateful for their generous support."

It was only a few weeks ago that Prince decided to pull his entire catalog from the majority of streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music, but notably his work was still available on Tidal and Google Play Music. Prince also released a new single called "Stare" on Spotify last week, but it looks like that's all Spotify will be getting from the icon.

This isn't the first time Prince has worked with Tidal — back during the uprisings in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, Tidal streamed Prince's benefit concert to everyone, including non-subscribers.