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Bernie Sanders won the Republican debate on Twitter

Bernie Sanders won the Republican debate on Twitter

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Everyone was trying to get a few more words in during last night's Republican debate, and that included the Democrats, who were chiming in on Twitter — apparently to some success. Twitter says that Bernie Sanders ended up with the most retweeted tweet of the night, out of all presidential candidates. It's no surprise given that Sanders continues to draw huge crowds by tapping into the issues that Democrats care about. The same goes here, where he literally just lists things Democrats are concerned with:

Sanders is, of course, right. The Republican debate focused on issues like immigration, who will be worse for women's rights, and whether God had given them instructions on how to run America. His tweet clearly resonated with an audience that feels the Republicans don't care about the right issues. At around 22,000 retweets and 24,000 faves, this is by no means a blockbuster tweet, but it thoroughly bested Hillary Clinton (who topped out around 5,000) and Jeb Bush (who wasn't even trying). Sanders' success may speak to the demographics of Twitter as much as to the resonance of his message, but the platform certainly helped him get a word in.

That said, it wasn't even remotely as big of a word as anyone on stage. CNN Money reports that last night's broadcast was the most watched primary debate ever, with 24 million viewers.