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Watch ferocious naked giants eating people in the new Attack on Titan trailer

Pure mayhem

Click play on this video and you'll see humans getting eaten by gigantic, fleshy, naked beasts, and other humans flying through the air slashing these giant beasts in the back of the neck and ankles, crippling them with absurd violence. This is a trailer for the Attack on Titan live-action films (there are two parts), and frankly, it looks incredible.

Frankly, it looks incredible

If you're unfamiliar with Attack on Titan, I suggest you spend a weekend either watching the anime or reading the manga (or both!) — it's one of the most compelling series to come out of Japan in recent memory. It's really great; take my word for it.

Should you decide to dive in, you'll have two movies and eventually a live-action series to watch. The first of the two films came out in Japan on August 1st, and the second installment is slated to hit theaters on September 19th.